Emergency Water and Fire Damage Restoration and Mold Removal: Get Back To Normal Faster With Rytech!

After an unexpected disaster, you're left feeling frustrated and unsure of how to get life back to normal. Rytech Restoration of Lee & Collier Counties provides professional water damage restoration, fire damage cleanup, and mold removal services to help you pick up the pieces after disasters and get back to normal. Live specialists are ready to answer your questions and dispatch a certified tech to your door.

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  • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Moisture Detection
  • Water Damage Restoration & Repair
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Sewage Removal
  • Mold Inspection
  • Applied Structural Drying
  • Odor Removal & Dehumidification
  • Mold Remediation & Removal
  • Disinfectant Cleaning Services
  • Home & Commercial Restoration Services
  • Catastrophe And Large Loss
  • IICRC Certified Technicians
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • Work With Insurance
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Professional Mitigation Services
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • IICRC Certified Technicians
  • Daily Job Monitoring
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Fast Recovery
  • Advanced Industrial Equipment

Let 29 Years’ Worth of Experience Serve You When You Need It Most

With over 29 years of damage restoration service, Rytech Restoration of Lee & Collier Counties is the company to call when an emergency strikes. Our team handles multiple services for large and small-scale damage and loss.


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Professional Restoration Services in Fort Myers, FL: Rebuilding After the Storm

Living in Fort Myers, Florida, homeowners and business owners understand the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. With the prevalence of water, fire, and storm damage due to the region's unique weather patterns, disaster restoration services become more than just a service—they become your partner in recovery. The reality of these natural disasters in Fort Myers highlights the need for a reliable disaster restoration company in Fort Myers, FL, that can respond quickly and efficiently, helping to minimize loss and restore normalcy. Whether it’s the aftermath of a hurricane, the devastation of a fire, or the disruption caused by flooding, our expert team is here to guide you through the restoration process and help rebuild your property and your life.

Why Choose Our Company?

When disaster strikes, the overwhelming task of restoration begins. As you search for a reliable disaster restoration company in Fort Myers FL, it’s essential to find one that not only understands the local area but also values your needs as a top priority. Here are solid reasons why you should entrust your restoration concerns to us.

Local Expertise in Fort Myers, FL

Our team of experts has deep-rooted knowledge and experience in Fort Myers, allowing us to tackle unique challenges that come with our local climate and geography. With a firsthand understanding of the region, we provide focused and efficient disaster restoration services tailored for our fellow Floridians.

Dedicated to Helping Fort Myers Residents and Businesses

We are not just a company; we are part of the Fort Myers community. Our commitment extends beyond restoring properties — we aim to help our neighbors rebuild their lives. Our dedicated professionals are on call 24/7, ready to respond to your emergencies with compassion and proficiency.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is the benchmark of our success. We adhere to strict industry standards for every project, ensuring that the quality of our work meets and exceeds your expectations. With our commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that choosing us means you’re getting the best restoration service in Fort Myers.

  • Local Knowledge: Unmatched expertise in Fort Myers's specific restoration needs.
  • Dedication: A steadfast promise to support our community at all times.
  • Quality: An unwavering focus on delivering exceptional work that ensures customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Disaster Restoration Services

When disaster strikes in Fort Myers, FL, our dedicated team is equipped to provide comprehensive restoration services designed to bring your property back to life. Whether you're a homeowner or a business, trust in our ability to tailor solutions that meet your unique needs.

Customized Solutions for Residential and Commercial Clients

We understand that each client has different requirements. That's why we offer customized services to address the diverse challenges faced by our residential and commercial clients.

Emergency Services: 24/7 Response Team

Our emergency services are available 24/7, ensuring that you receive immediate assistance following any disaster. Discover the importance of timeliness and how our around-the-clock service in Fort Myers sets us apart.

  • Immediate Assistance Following a Disaster: Quick action can mitigate further damage and save costs.
  • Why Timeliness Matters in Disaster Situations: Rapid response can be critical to the structural integrity and safety of your property.
  • Highlights of Around-the-Clock Service in Fort Myers: We're always ready to respond, regardless of the time or situation.

24/7 Response Team: Always Ready

Understanding the critical importance of a rapid response is paramount, particularly after a hurricane or other disaster. We showcase case studies of our 24/7 emergency responses to illustrate our commitment to prompt action.

Water Damage Restoration

From initial assessment to final touch-ups, our water restoration process is thorough and mitigates water damage efficiently, employing advanced structural drying techniques to protect your indoor environment post-hurricane.

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

We not only restore your property but also your peace of mind after a fire incident. Our skilled team removes smoke odors and repairs damage with precision, ensuring your space is safe and welcoming once again.

Mold Remediation

Mold poses significant health risks, and our certified mold remediation specialists are trained to address mold remediation methodically, safeguarding your indoor air quality and overall well-being. Trust in Rytech to provide accurate mold inspection and testing services in Fort Myers FL.

Storm Damage Restoration

FL storms bring unique challenges. We are well-versed in such scenarios, providing emergency board-up and tarping services to prevent further damage while planning for full restoration.

Additional Restoration and Cleaning Services

In the wake of a disaster, further attention is often needed beyond initial restoration work. Our comprehensive approach includes a suite of additional restoration and cleaning services specifically designed to address the aftermath of any catastrophic event, ensuring a safer, healthier environment for both individuals and businesses in Fort Myers, FL.

Cleaning and Sanitization for a Safer Environment

Our expert team is well-equipped with the right tools and experience to carry out thorough cleaning and sanitization services post-disaster. We understand the importance of mitigating health hazards by systematically cleaning, disinfecting, and decontaminating all affected areas, safeguarding the well-being of residents and employees alike.

Thorough Cleaning Services Post-Disaster

Complete recovery from a disaster involves more than structural repair; it requires detailed cleaning. Our professionals meticulously address every corner of your property, removing debris, dust, and any potential contaminants to restore your space to its pre-disaster cleanliness and comfort.

Commercial Restoration Services

  • Specialized Restoration for Businesses in Fort Myers – We cater to business owners with tailored services that focus on minimizing interruption. Our goal is to get your operations back on track promptly while preserving and protecting your commercial assets.
  • Minimizing Downtime and Protecting Your Business Assets – Downtime can be critical for a business following disaster. We act quickly to streamline the restoration process, ensuring your business suffers the least possible impact.

Residential Restoration Services

  • Personalized Care for Your Home's Restoration Needs – Every home has its story and unique requirements. We offer personalized care that respects your individual needs, helping you rebuild the comfort and safety of your abode.
  • Stories of Restored Homes and Satisfied Homeowners – Nothing speaks louder than the positive experiences of our clients. We take pride in our ability to restore homes and lives, with countless stories of satisfaction following our intervention.

Client-Focused Services: Beyond the Restoration

At Rytech Lee & Collier Counties in Fort Myers, FL, we understand that the restoration process doesn't just end with the clean-up. We provide specialized services aimed at addressing the full scope of our clients' needs, ensuring a smooth transition back to normalcy.

Understanding Insurance Claim Assistance

Dealing with insurance claims can be overwhelming, especially after experiencing a disaster. Our seasoned team is adept at navigating the intricate details of insurance policies, providing our clients with valuable assistance and expertise to help maximize their claims.

Streamlining the Claims Process for Our Clients

We prioritize your peace of mind by simplifying the claims process. Our professionals work directly with your insurance provider to streamline communication and paperwork, making sure that you can focus on what matters most—your recovery and restoration.

How Our Certified Technicians Make a Difference

  • Credentials and Training of Our Technicians: Our team comprises IICRC-certified technicians who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every job. They are equipped with the latest training to tackle any restoration challenge with efficiency and precision.
  • Upholding Industry Standards in Restoration: We adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring that all our restoration practices meet the necessary regulations and guidelines, providing you with confidence in our services.

Structural Drying: State-of-the-Art Practices

  • The Science behind Efficient Structural Drying: Employing scientific methods and advanced equipment, we ensure timely and effective drying of structures, which is critical in preventing secondary water damage and mold growth.
  • Preventing Long Term Damage with Professional Drying Methods: Our approach to structural drying not only addresses immediate water damage but also aims to prevent long-term issues, safeguarding your property's integrity for years to come.

Odor Removal: Fresh and Clean Indoors

  • Tackling the Challenge of Persistent Odors: Our odor removal techniques are designed to tackle even the most stubborn smells, ensuring that your space is left fresh and odor-free.
  • The Importance of Professional Odor Removal for Comfort and Health: Beyond comfort, eliminating odors is crucial for indoor air quality—our professional services ensure that your environment is both pleasant and healthy for all occupants.

Need Expert Disaster Restoration in Fort Myers, FL? Contact Us Now!

When disaster strikes, every second counts. That's why our team at the premier disaster restoration company in Fort Myers, FL, is committed to providing you with rapid response and compassionate service. We understand how challenging this time can be, and our professionals are ready to help restore your property and peace of mind with efficiency and care.

Contact us immediately for:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response: Quick action is crucial. We're here to answer your call at any hour, ready to mitigate damage and begin restoration.
  • Expert Assessment: Our specialists will evaluate the damage and develop a customized plan that meets your specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Restoration Services: Whether you're dealing with water damage, fire, mold, or any other disaster, we have the resources and expertise to handle it all.

For dependable, efficient, and compassionate disaster restoration services in Fort Myers, FL, reach out to our team. We're ready to bring your property back to its pre-disaster condition. Call us now or fill out our online contact form to get started on your restoration journey with a company that truly cares about restoring not just your property, but your normal life as well.

Rytech Restoration of Lee & Collier Counties

Fort Myers' Professional Emergency Damage Restoration Company

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Florida Counties We Provide Restoration Services:

Collier County, Hendry County, Lee County

Florida Cities Rytech Provides Mitigation Services In:

Alva, Ave Maria, Babcock Ranch, Barefoot Beach, Boca Grande, Bokeelia, Bonita Beach, Bonita Springs, Buckingham, Cape Coral, Cape Coral South, Captiva, Chokoloskee, Clewiston, Coco River, Copeland, East Fort Myers, Estero, Everglades, Everglades City, Felda, Fort Denaud, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Goodland, Immokalee, Jerome, Labelle, Lehigh Acres, Marco Island, Matlacha, Matlacha Isles, Miromar Lakes, Naples, North Fort Myers, Ochopee, Pineland, South Fort Myers, Saint James City, Sanibel, Tice, Vanderbilt

Near By Zip Codes Rytech Services:

34101, 34102, 34103, 34104, 34105, 34106, 34107, 34108, 34109, 34110, 34112, 34113, 34114, 34116, 34117, 34119, 34120, 34137, 34138, 34139, 34140, 34141, 34142, 34143, 34145, 34146, 33440, 33901, 33902, 33903, 33904, 33905, 33906, 33907, 33908, 33909, 33910, 33911, 33912, 33913, 33914, 33915, 33916, 33917, 33918, 33919, 33920, 33921, 33922, 33924, 33928, 33929, 33930, 33931, 33932, 33935, 33936, 33945, 33956, 33957, 33965, 33966, 33967, 33970, 33971, 33972, 33973, 33974, 33975, 33976, 33990, 33991, 33993, 33994, 34133, 34134, 34135, 34136

Meet The Team

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Owner / Operator

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Alex Lavender

Operations Manager

Rytech Restoration of Lee & Collier Counties


We earn your trust one job at a time, and that will never change!

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Servicing Fort Myers, FL and nearby communities:

Find Us On Google Maps: Rytech Restoration of Lee & Collier Counties | 2149 Andrea Ln #1, Fort Myers, FL 33912


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Emergency Water Removal, Damage Repair and Cleanup

Damage Repair, Contents Cleaning and Packouts

Safely and Quickly Remove Mold

EMERGENCY CONTACT: (239) 274-0043
Emergency Damage Restoration Services by Rytech Restoration of Lee & Collier Counties in Florida residential home

Completed Fort Myers Restoration Projects: Rejuvenating Your Environment!

Experience the remarkable restorations performed by Rytech's Fort Myers team through our water damage restoration efforts throughout the Fort Myers area. Observe the expertise and commitment our professionals apply to every task, meticulously reviving properties with precision and attention.

Rely On Rytech For Assistance When You Need It Most!

Our Customer Promise:

  • Fast 24/7 Emergency Service Every Day Of The Year:
    Once you've spoken with a live Rytech Restoration specialist about your emergency, an IICRC certified technician will be at your door in 4 hours or less.
  • Empathetic Approach To Customer Care:
    Rytech's national contact center and exclusive centralized administration ensure that customers can expect the same high-level customer experience from state to state. We'll even work with your insurance, and bill them direct.
  • Fair Estimates Based On Industry Standards And Pricing Tools:
    Rytech adheres to IICRC ANSI S500 Industry Guidelines. Industry reports show Rytech is consistently priced less than competitors' quotes.
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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About Rytech Lee & Collier Counties!

Rytech experts

Watch what to expect with our emergency mitigation services.

Accredited Specialists in Mold Removal and Water Extraction

When you have your local Rytech Restoration Emergency Service location undertake your emergency recovery and restoration work, you have a team of professional IICRC certified technicians working for you. Along with clean and disinfected areas, you can have peace of mind that all completed work is to the highest standards.

No other Fort Myers water removal company cares like Rytech. You receive the best services we have to offer, and with one phone call, we help you return to normal. We will get your property “Rytech Dry” in no time!

Your Swiftest Journey Back To Normal!

At Rytech Fort Myers, we understand the complexities involved in recovering from water, fire, and mold damage. That's why we've streamlined our assistance process, making it as easy as one, two, three for you!

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Live specialists are ready to answer your questions and dispatch a Rytech tech to your door.

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Upon arrival, your Certified Technician will assess the situation and review your recovery plan with you prior to beginning any work.

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Once your disaster recovery plan has been approved, your technician will begin work to stop the spread of damage at your property.

FAQs About Disaster Restoration Services in Fort Myers, FL

If you're looking for a reliable disaster restoration service in Fort Myers, FL, you likely have questions about the process, what services are offered, and how to navigate insurance claims. Here, we answer common queries, providing clarity on what to expect when you choose a seasoned disaster restoration expert in Fort Myers.

In Fort Myers, Rytech provides comprehensive disaster restoration services, including water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire and smoke damage repair. Our team is equipped to handle emergencies of all sizes, ensuring a thorough and efficient restoration process.

Rytech offers 24/7 emergency response services in Fort Myers. We aim to respond as quickly as possible, typically arriving on-site within a few hours to assess the damage and begin the restoration process, minimizing further damage and accelerating recovery.

Yes, Rytech Fort Myers has extensive experience working with insurance companies and can help facilitate the claims process. We provide detailed documentation of the damage and repairs needed, directly communicating with your insurer to streamline your claim.

Absolutely. Our team is skilled in mold detection and remediation, particularly following water damage or flooding. We'll assess the extent of the mold issue, remove the mold, and take steps to prevent its recurrence, ensuring your property is safe and healthy.

Rytech Fort Myers stands out due to our commitment to rapid response, our dedication to customer service, and our use of the latest restoration techniques and equipment. Our IICRC-certified technicians are focused on providing high-quality, efficient services to get your property and life back to normal as soon as possible.